Zgo Technologies launches the Zgo Infinite Designer, the first Monitor Arm Customizer, transforming corporate design

October 13, 2021

The Infinite Designer can be used to match any design to create a complete workstation system that LOOKS like a complete workstation system

The Infinite Designer can be used to promote your company brand internally for employees or externally for customers

The Infinite Designer is also a specification tool that ensures the most appropriate Workspace Technology worktools for computer use, including Integrated Docking, which eliminates all desktop cables and provides a pristine, uncluttered workspace to optimize performance

Now, designers can customize Monitor Arms to match any design, desktop or fabric color/pattern or add any logo, signage, QR code, label, or graphic

It’s so exciting to see the cool ways our customers use the customized side panels to enhance their office décor or retail space branding. Now, monitor arms can blend the best of form and function.”
— Jared Abramowitz
ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, October 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Zgo Technologies today announced the launch of The Zgo Infinite Designer, a 3D visualization and configuration tool, which allows for the simplified specification of Workspace Technology solutions; the worktools required for the most effective use of technology in the workstation. It includes monitor arms, integrated docking stations, desktop power modules under-surface cable management and accessories, which combine to significantly elevate user performance and the working experience.

But it is the ability of the Infinite Designer to customize the Monitor Arm side panels that is a game-changer to contemporary commercial design and internal or external branding. You can upload any color, logo, pattern, graphic, photo or design. Worksurface colors or even chair and panel fabric colors can be exactly matched allowing the design of a complete workstation system that LOOKS like a complete workstation system. You can add any label, QR code or signage to expand the monitor arm’s capabilities to communicate company guidelines, workstation labeling or even desk assignment. Logos can be added to the arm in customer-facing environments to creatively promote the brand.

The side panels are printed in house, providing customized monitor arms as quickly as the next day and the magnetic panels slide on/off in seconds to create an entirely new look at any time.

Monitor Arms have become increasingly popular as we rely more on technology than ever before and interface it through the monitor. Thus, increasing the comfort, usability and overall computing experience with a monitor arm provides more effective use of technology and improves user performance.

Though functionally essential, many design professionals believe monitor arms detract from the aesthetics of the station; steel contraptions that jut up from the desk and dominate the office appearance. Today, corporate design is much about internal brand promotion, connecting employees to the company’s identity, culture, and external messaging to establish brand ambassadors that represent the company and its values throughout.

With the Infinite Designer, no longer does the visually dominant monitor arm have to be excluded from the design process. Now, it can significantly add to it. That sea of metal worktools can incorporate the design elements that were so painstakingly crafted to represent a company’s brand in concert with the look and feel of the entire organization.

The Infinite Designer allows designers to create a high-performing workstation environment with the visual consistency and improved aesthetics as the rest of the office environment, offering the perfect blend of form and function.

“Giving designers the ability to add monitor arms to the world of commercial design is creating exciting new opportunities in internal as well as external branding,” says Jared Abramowitz, Principal of Zgo Technologies. “The combination of our monitor arm and integrated docking station conceals all cables through the arm and into the dock, completely eliminating them from the desktop. And now we can complement that pristine desktop with a visual consistency in the monitor arm that supports the company’s design intention. It is so exciting to see the cool ways in which our customers are using the customized side panels to reinforce and enhance their overall office décor or retail space branding. For the very first time, monitor arms are blending the best of form and functionality to optimize the computing experience and elevate employee performance while enhancing the overall look and feel of an organization.”

About Zgo Technologies

Zgo Technologies, originating in Australia in 2010, is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic products with a primary focus on Workspace Technologies, the design discipline that concentrates on the most effective use of technology in the officeplace. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, and with facilities around the globe, Zgo Technologies makes the use of today’s technology more efficient, more effective, and more comfortable, which greatly improves the performance of the workstation and the employees that use them.

Zgo Technologies owns numerous patents that offer exclusive solutions to improving the working experience. Only Zgo offers Slide-On Integrated Docking Stations at the base of monitor arms that saves space and eliminate all desktop cable clutter. And only Zgo offers Customized Side Panels, which can be printed in house with any color, design, graphic, logo or signage, printed in-house and easily changed at any time.

Zgo boasts numerous other exclusives such as the widest weight range to support from laptops up to 40” monitors with the same arm, the quickest installation accomplished from above the desk for all surfaces up to 2” thick and a handle for every monitor to promote adjustment, which is so important with shared desking.

For more information, visit www.zgotechnologies.com. Direct link to the Infinite Designer: zgotechnologies.com/infinite designer.

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